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I am trying to stop orange county animal shelter and others like them from euthanizing healthy non violent animals. It masks me sick to my stomach when I see a baby, a pup not even a year old yet getting ready to be eithanized because they couldn't find a home for this pour baby in the time limit they have.

I think it's very unfair that they can play GOD and decide which animal stays and which animal dies! These animals can't speak for themselves so they ned us to speak for them so we ned to fight for their rights to live. We are ask GODS creation and we all deserve to live a happy healthy life! So asks I want is these shelters to be banned from euthanizing a healthy non violent animal.

Please sign my petition to save these babies lives! Thank you!!

I want to stop cruel animal shelters like Orange county and others like them. They need to stop euthanizing our brautiful animals. We ned to get more donations and more people to adopt our foster and get these pour babies out of these hell wholes!

I feel an animal should only be down if the animal is terminally ill or very violent! Other than that these shelters should not euthanize these poor babies. I need help to pass the word on and maybe we can change the law and stop these shelters like Orange county and other like them to stop the cruel euthanization on healthy non violent animals!

So please sign and this is my first portion so sort if I didn't do it right but I am sure you know what I am getting at! Please help me help our beautiful animals.

Thank you.

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