Residents of Taman Mas and Taman Putra Prima

Haze which caused by open burning in the illegal rubbish dumpsite near Sepang Taman Mas is hazardous to health. The strong chemical/plastic smell and smog fill the air around the neighbourhood almost every evening and it has become worst at night.

Haze is an acute problem since we already suffered from forest burning in Indonesia yearly. The open burning in the illegal dumpsite will surely burden the health of the residents. With the boom of young populations around Puchong area, the haze caused by the open burning will cause long-term health issue.

Besides blaming and signing agreement to our neighbour country on stopping forest burning, we should put an end to open burning in our own countries as well.

We should concerned about this because:

1. It is danger to everyone especially to asthma patient.

2. It post long-term health effects of recurrent exposures to haze.

We, the undersigned, call on the Majlis Perbandanran Sepang to curb open burning at illegal dumpsites and to take immediate action against this.

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