Hon Deborah Matthews Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Dear Ms. Matthews:

I am writing as a constituent and a Diabetic living in Ontario to express my disappointment and frustration as to the cancellation of foot care for Diabetics in Ontario who are receiving benefits from O.D.S.P. or O.W

As you may be aware proper foot is a very important component of a Diabetc's life. As a Diabetic myself I know Diabetes can compromise tne immune system and many Diabetics face the possility of foot ulcers and in worst case scenario amputation.

The following are some statistics I haveg for gathered for consideration
-345,000 Canadians wil develop a Diabetic foot ulcer in their lifetime
-After an amputation 50% of patients will have their other limb amputated within 2 years
-More than4,000 Canadians with Diabetes had a limb amputated in 2006
-More than half of amputations may have been prevented by a Chiropodist's treatment
-The average cost of treating a Diabetic wound is $17,000
-The evidence is clear that Diabetic foot ulcers and wounds that result in amputation may have prevented by early detection, preventive measures such as regular foot checks and effective wound care

sorce www.ontariochiropodist.com/sites/1/uploadsimages/412011125304pm.pdf

The cost of an annual foot examination is very low compared to the cost of long time care should any of the above mentioned foot health issues arise in a Diabetic living in the province of Ontario.

We as constituents and voters of Ontario agree with the concerns identified in the attached letter, and want to see coverage for foot care services reinstated for those social assistance with Diabetes

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