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Islamic Republic of Iran has and continues to violate basic human rights of Ahwazi Cultural rights activists by imposing death and harsh prison sentences. In a new wave of crackdown against Ahwazi Arabs an Iranian revolutionary court sentenced three activist in an unfair trial after subjecting them to torture at intelligence services facilities. The three men were arrested with six others last November 2012.

These Ahwazi Arabs have been sentenced to death by a notorious judge who is currently the subject of EU sanctions.

Ali Chebeishat (47), Sayed Yasin Mousawi (35) were convicted by judge Seyed Mohammad Bagher Moussavi at Branch 2 of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court. A third activist, Salman Chayan (32), was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in the city of Yazd; he had been transferred to Fatemeh Alzhra hospital in late July after his health deteriorated in Dezful prison, where he was being held. All three men are members of the Youth of Shush Cultural Institute. Their forced "confessions", following months of torture, have been recorded for broadcast by Iran's English language broadcaster Press TV.

Chebeishat is a well-known poet from the village of Khalaf Kaab Imsallam near Shush. His two sons Hussein (29), married with one child, and Sala Aldin (22) were among those arrested by the intelligence services. They had been attending their mother's mourning ceremony at the time. No arrest warrants were presented.

Chebeishat was subjected to barbaric physical and psychological torture, including the extraction of his fingernails and broken ribs. Some of the torture was carried out in front of his sons. In July, Chebeishat, Mousawi and Chayan staged a hunger strike in protest against their torture and ill-treatment while being held at an intelligence service detention facility in Ahwaz.

The European Council imposed sanctions on judge Moussavi in March after he imposed death sentences on five Ahwazi Arabs - Mohammad Ali Amouri, Hashem Shabani, Hadi Rashedi, Sayed Jaber Alboshoka and Sayed Mokhtar Alboshoka - in March 2012 for "activities against national security" and "enmity against God". The sentences were upheld by Iran's Supreme Court in January 2013.

International organizations at many occasions had condemned the execution of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran, an oppressed and systematically cleansed minority that constitutes the vast majority of Ahwaz province population in the eastern Gulf coast. Islamic Republic of Iran never listened, and never showed mercy to its Arab citizens and continued to execute activists one after another. It is time to take collective action and condemn Islamic Republic of Iran firmly and loudly with faith that the world’s cries will be heard this time, and the activists will return to their families safe and sound.

We urge your respectful organization to condemn and help save the innocent activists whom only crime was defending their human rights.

Yours Respectfully,
European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation


Do not execute Ali Chebeishat and Sayed Yasin Mousawi.

They are simply cultural activists.

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