United States of America

The recently released Omnibus bill in the Senate costs over $1.1 trillion. It contains over 6,600 earmarks. After the November 2nd elections the people of America spoke through the ballot box that earmarks will not be tolerated.

Sadly elected officials in the U.S. Senate have ignored the electorate thus the reason for the petition below.

We, the undersigned grass roots activists from across America, do hereby support and encourage the immediate shut down of the United States Government until:

1. All earmarks are removed from the Omnibus Bill or,

2. A continuing resolution, excluding any earmarks or other business, is signed through the month of February.

In support thereof we submit the following:

The will of The People is not reflected in the Omnibus Bill.

It is in the best interest of The United States of America that the terminated Congress members be barred from voting on future policy or laws.

Signed December, 2010.

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