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The NZ Government is recommending the sale of some strategic assets to decrease debt. At the moment each man women child has inherited a $37,000 debt due to incorrect decisions by current and past Govts. Instead of overseas loans we must as a country stand together.

Government must lead the way by freezing their salaries immediately and look at some travel perks be decreased. All X MPs that currently have travel and other entitlements that are retired must be abolished. Govt must increase subsidies to NZ companies and support their growth in NZ to increase employment.

All profits that go off shore may be taxed at 1% therefore funding NZ Growth instead.We must hold onto our assets so profits may stay in NZ. We must look at designing and importing products and using our wisdom of being innovative and selling our products off shore.

We as Citizens of NZ Petition the Government to immediately Stop the Asset Sale of Strategic Assets.

We as a country have other innovative ideas to decrease debt and must look at our Brilliant minds of NZ's to overcome this adversity at this time.

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