#Law & Order
New York Police Department
United States of America

Recently another suspect of a crime was allegedly sodomized with an object by an NYPD officer. This officer had complaints previously filed against him and the Civilian Complaint Review Board cleared him of misconduct and the city paid off his two previous complainants to avoid a court case ($50,000).

Because neither the CCRB nor the Bloomberg administration takes police abuse seriously, it seems that an ominous climate has been created in which many police officers feel that their inhumane and bestial actions will be covered up.

In recent weeks there have been stories in the press about an NYPD officer who robbed banks, another who dealt drugs etc. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Chief Raymond Kelly have failed in their duty to establish a training program that establishes a completely humane, courteous and respectful attitude by police officers toward all citizens.

In light of the latest allegations of extreme police brutality and cruelty involving an NYPD Officer, we, the undersigned, demand a strong response by the Bloomberg administration calculated to immediately curb police harassment and abuse.

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