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I am a certified handwriting analyst (CHT) an our business is upheld in a court of law. Handwriting always tells what is in a persons' psyche and this is especially handy when there are mentally unstable people who have so much hate that they want to kill innocent children, let alone adults that they have no value for.

Handwriting analysts can determine bad behavioral/dangerous signals in unstable people who shouldn't have a gun.

Please sign this petition to hire handwriting analysts to scan gun applicant's writing before a gun permit is issued. Thank you.

We, the undersigned are requesting the United States Congress and The House Of Representatives to take action concerning gun access by making/enacting a new law for handwriting analysts in every state/mandatory to scan the handwriting of each gun applicant in order to see if they are stable enough to buy a gun.

We can weed out undesirable traits by doing this thus bringing to a halt a serious amount of tragedies through gun usage.

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