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People in Nova Scotia who are injured at the workplace are not being treated fairly by the wcbns. wcbns has doctors working for them who write medical reports in wcbns's favour, so basically they are paid to lie. Workers are being denied the treatment and benefits they deserve, and in many cases injured workers are having their benefits cut off, leaving them unable to work and broke.

Even workers who are left disabled by their injuries are being forced to return to some type of employment or they will be cut off their benefits. Something has to be done about this and us as injured workers demand our elected politicians to act on our behalf.

We, as employees injured at the workplace in nova scotia call on our politicians to work on our behalf to ( STOP ) the wcbns from unfairly forcing workers injured or disabled at the workplace to find alternative work, return to work even when doctors told them not too, preform rehab activities when advised not too by their physician, using wcbns doctors hired by them to write medical reports in their favour and much more border line criminal treatment with threats of their benefits being cut off if they don't comply. THIS HAS TO STOP.

Please sign this petition for all injured employees past and present that have been wrongly mistreated by wcbns.

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