#Human Rights
City of North Bay

Strollers smaller than 22 inches cannot be used with an attaching car seat and are not supportive enough for babies under 8 months of use.

Without the use of a car seat, traveling parents do not have the option of taking transit one way and alternate transportation the way back (cannot take a cab, cannot get in the car with a friend, etc.). Strollers that are considered "umbrella strollers" are not ergonomically friendly for tall caregivers or those with back problems.

A smaller stroller has little (or no) undercarriage or room for diaper bags, purchases or purses, limiting the caregiver's ability to maneuver and entertain the child.

A forward-facing stroller also limits the interaction between parent and child. Furthermore, umbrella strollers are essentially useless in the snow and cannot push through slush or other Northern Ontario conditions.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of North Bay to refrain from eliminating strollers larger than 22 inches on the city transit.

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