#City & Town Planning
Nanaimo City Council

This city council and city staff have decided to spend nearly $16 million of taxpayers funds to build a new annex to house city staff. They claim the current building is unsafe, although it was purchased by the city in 1999 and has housed city staff for over a decade.

To upgrade the existing building is reported to cost $6.5 million which is $9 million less than they are choosing to spend.

This whole decision was decided in secret under the veil of 'In Camera' meetings, and the council will not even divulge which councilors supported this expenditure.

Part of the funding of this expense includes the borrowing of $4 million which will result in a 1.1% tax increase for a period of 4 years, even though the reserve funds already exist.

This council and staff have displayed a blatant contempt and disregard of the public with their handling of this matter.

We, the undersigned believe that the current Nanaimo City Council also known as the 24th City Council of the City of Nanaimo has lost the confidence of the taxpayers in the city of Nanaimo.

Therefore we petition this council to instruct staff to suspend all plans to construct a new city hall annex at a cost of $15.7 million and immediately reduce city tax increases by an amount to reflect a $9 million reduction in spending. This would leave $6.7 million in reserve to fund the renovation of the existing annex, should the new city council choose to proceed with that project.

We agree that the decision to build any new city owned buildings be immediately suspended until after the next civic election in the fall of 2011.

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