#Children's Rights
Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland
United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Sharon and I need everyone's support. My daughter and I are being faced with homelessness because the civil court process does not take heed of Human Rights legislation, nor does it seek to protect a Child's welfare as determined by The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 where it states that a child's welfare is paramount.

I have been ordered by the court that my house must go on the market for sale because my ex husband wants to profit. I have been fighting this for 4 years now because although he remains a joint mortgagee, my ex has not paid anything towards the mortgage or upkeep in more than 4 years. Our marriage ended in 2009 because he had stopped paying the mortgage and hid that fact from me until the house was to be repossessed. His parting words as he left were that he would sign the house over to me and walk away if I could stop the repossession. I duly did so. Now, he is looking to profit and is claiming legal aid to do so. I have been denied a legal right of appeal at every stage, have not had my views heard nor the facts taken into consideration. I've even contacted the Government to bring it to their attention.

Every child has the right to safe and secure housing and the opportunity to develop a secure sense of belonging. Because of this action, my daughter's welfare is being compromised, and she is being forced into a life of uncertainty and being placed at significant risk of harm because of this. The stress I am under is affecting her because she is now becoming very distressed and experiencing severe separation anxiety when apart from me even while I'm in the same room. I can't even prepare my daughter's bedroom as there's no point getting her settled in her own room when we are being forced out. I have battled for many years with depression. A condition being made worse by the actions of a system allegedly designed to promote justice.

Please support my fight, share it with your friends. My aim is to force this issue into the public domain even if just to raise awareness. The Human Rights Act states that the Government or a Public body cannot interfere or take possession of your property unless it is in the public interest to do so. My question is How is making an 8 month old child homeless and putting her at risk in the public interest?

We, the undersigned, urge you to ensure that the rights and the welfare of my child is protected.

Do not allow a child to be made vulnerable and breach your responsibilities under Getting it Right for Every Child, in the interests of financial gain.

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