peodephiles and murderers

when you have been through enough in your life to sink a battle ship we have or are dealing with 2 murderers and one has been sentenced and the other just got bail just to keep it short this has been going on for nearly 3 years through the courts and still they haven't come to a conclusion they keep adjourning it. the next case we have had our fair dealings with peodephiles as well i myself was interfered with and raped as a teen and my son has to go through the same thing it has gone to court and he got convicted my son was the victim and they let them out of prison and only of to serve not enough they should get life imprisonment and not let out.

I Jeanie the undersigned call on australia to have harsher punishment for these murderers and peodephiles we want capital punishment bought back to australia because if they did they would think twice about offending or reoffending.

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