#Roads & Transport
Motorcycles without mufflers
United States of America

Can you imagine if there were no laws that required automobile operators to have mufflers to eliminate loud exhaust. It most likely to say the least would cause everyone lost of hearing. In todays environment there are several laws to contain different pollutions such as air, water, and also noise. Unlike automobiles, motorcycle operators seem to race our highways with the mentality it won't roll if it's not loud.

This without doubt is an infringement of the majorities rights to live in there homes and travel our highways without having to tolerate this form of obnoxious noise pollution. Appropriate laws should be passed and enforced for the physical and emotional health of ALL.

WE, the undersigned, call on the state of Indiana to stop the double standards between automobiles and motorcycles. When operating an automobile we are required by law to use mufflers to eliminate loud noise unlike, obviously, motorcycles.

We the undersigned feel that motorcycles should be required to muffle the exhaust, as automobiles based on a db level to eliminate the obnoxious loudness that we have to tolerate due to the lack of appropriate equal law and or enforcement.

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