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The Cascade County Commissioners Office, Great Falls MT
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This petition is to raise awareness of the Monsanto corporation's plan to open a branch of their company in Great Falls, Montana.

For those of you who are un-aware, the Monsanto corporation, the same company that gave us that gem of a biological weapon as Agent Orange, and President Obama just in 2013 smuggled a bill into action called the Monsanto Protection Act. This act gave the Monsanto corporation complete authority over the agricultural world; by taking away the courts' ability to halt production of Monsanto genetically modified organisms or GMO's even if they are (and they have) been connected to studies showing cancer in rats that ate the GMO corn that was their launching crop.

This company claims this facility will be more for storage than research and production. They also claim that there will be no GMO studies conducted at this location, but with such a shoddy track record the saying "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" should really be considered.

This corporation has no accountability to the public for the product that they supply the public with (many of which are completely unaware of GMO crops or food additives in many of the products that they currently consume.

Does that sound like a company to stand behind? A company with little to no regard whatsoever of the connections between their pesticides and agricultural products and the very real hazard it presents to we Montanans, we Americans, we people of the planet Earth.

We need to make a stand against companies like Monsanto and block the construction of the branch of any company who blatantly disregards the health and well being of ourselves and our children.

If 40 percent of the county’s property owners, or owners of 50 percent of the agricultural land in the county, formally protest the rezoning, commissioners would be prohibited from adopting the zoning resolution for a year.

Petition will be closed on the 5th of March, the hearing on the 10th.

As a resident of the city of Great Falls, I demand that our city council and mayor actively block the construction of the Monsanto wheat testing facility in our city.

The Monsanto corporation has shown extreme disregard for the health and safety of it's consumers and does not belong anywhere near our communities or families.

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