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Girard, OH City Ordienance
United States of America

As we all know, Girard is looking to change the city ordinance for the exotic animals allowed in Girard, OH.

As of right now there is no law or ordinance being broken by owning a monkey. The current ordinance mainly focuses on live stock, big cats, poisonous and constricting snakes, rats, and mice.

The Board of Health and City Officials are looking to change the current ordinance to also include monkeys, pot bellied pigs, and a few other animals.
They are afraid these animals can spread disease and rabies.

As far as monkeys go, there has never been a known case of rabies in a primate in the United States. Also, captive monkeys are tested for TB, Hepatitus, and Herpes.

Most Zoos do not give their monkeys a rabies vaccine due to the risk of primate rabies being so little.

These animals are vaccinated against these, just as your dog or cat would be.
Primates are also a very social animal bonding to only one troop (family), so to start this ban, they would have to put the monkeys down.

What we are petitioning for is to grandfather our monkeys in should this "monkey ban" pass.

We have all the proper vaccines and shots for our primates and have had them for over two years without any incidents.

Our monkeys have tested negative to the herpes virus, hepatitis, and TB. They are also monitored by a vet regularly.
Our monkeys are not "cantankerous" as channel 21 news reports. Our monkeys, Tristen and Meika, are very much a part of our family as is our kids and other animals we have.

Tristen is now 2 years old and in the first 5 mths of her life she was abused. She was thrown against walls and taken from family to family. It took alot of time for her to learn we were here to stay with her and that she could trust us.

Meika who just turned a year old, was going to be used for lab testing due to the fact she was crossed eyed and her tail was misfigured. Our monkeys have never gotten out of their cages or our house. They are restrained on a leash at all times even in our home so we have complete control of them.

We appreciate the concern of the citizens and city council, but, we do feel there is worse things going on in Girard then responsible primate ownership.

Please show support and speak up for these wonderful creatures who cannot speak for themselves.

Over the years primates have saved our lives thru medical testing, it's time to save their lives now.

Please help allow us to keep our adopted "monk kids." Thank You.

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