#Human Rights
Cabinet of Jamaica and The Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness

The current minimum wage in Jamaica for a 40 hour working week is :
(JMD) $6200 per week,
Approximately ( USD) $47 per week
(GBP) £37 per week
This is modern day slavery, It is in NO way a living wage .
Living standards of workers and their families depend on their wage/ income,
Wages are a major factor in the economic performance of countries.
Section 3 of the minimum wage act allows the Minister of Labour to fix a minimum wage by ministerial order where wages paid are exceptionally low.
ILO convention 131 states to review payscales periodically.

Travel and tourism is a large employment sector in Jamaica with approx 30,000 hotel rooms and growing rapidly with investment, some rooms charging (USD) $1800+ for ONE room for ONE night but only paying the member of staff servicing that room the equivalent of (USD) $10 for the entire days work.
That is just £7 (GBP)
For a whole days work, out of that comes taxi fare/transport expenses, rent or mortgage, bills, school fees for children, food , clothing and daily living expenses.
Many families are trying to survive on this slavery wage and no matter how hard the worker tries to do better and be better for themselves and their children/family,
even if they do double shifts or take on a second and even third job, there is never a way out.
On pay day there is never enough to live on or to save or plan a way out of poverty.
No matter how hard the person works the modern day slavery wage remains the same while investors remain bulti billionaires and do not pay Jamaican citizens a fair and living wage.

***PLEASE*** sign this petition to have our voices heard and end this cruelty and slavery in Jamaica , the land of creative and hard workers that do not deserve to live in poverty when working just as hard as everybody else around the world for only 10 % of what most people around the world get.
How is this fair?
End slavery in Jamaica NOW
Sign the petition NOW
Be the change.

We the undersigned call on The Cabinet of Jamaica and The Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness
to eliminate modern day slavery in Jamaica in regards to the minimum wage currently set which needs to be changed to a living wage at a suggested rate of :
(JMD) $33,500 per 40 hour working week instead of the current :
(JMD) $6200 per week,
Approximately ( USD) $47 per week
(GBP) £37 per week
Which will enable Jamaican workers to have a real time living wage, end poverty due to the current wage system , save lives , end this modern day slavery and bring employment pay and laws into modern day living which Jamaicans have fought for.
Jamaicans fought for freedom, now there is a need to fight for rights.
Thank you .

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