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Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

A plan by the Canadian Fisheries Dept (2009) exists to reduce the Sable Island grey seal population to low or no numbers, either slaughtering them or through a contraceptive plan. The reasoning for doing this is not for sale; the pelts can't be sold, because of the European ban, and because the pelt value is so low.

Instead, the East coast fisheries lobby has for years been claiming that it wasn't human harvesting that caused the disappearance of the cod, but the seals instead.

Please see the following article:
How to kill 220,000 seals on Sable Island: the DFO plan
THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010

A mere moment of reflection would point out that seals and cod (as well as other species, in a complex web of interactions) lived in balance for eons before human large-scale fishing emerged in the 20th century on the East coast of Canada. As well, there have been many studies of the cause of the collapse of the cod, and no scientific conclusion has confirmed the seals as the cause. Regardless, because the fisheries industry in Eastern Canada (including Canadian and International fishing vessels) are really to blame for the economic and environmental disaster, the desperation to avoid blame has resulted in the seals as a political scape goat ever since.

So politics being what it is, this idiotic thinking has resulted in an outrageous request to simply slaughter the grey seals of Sable Island to fulfill an erroneous political idea.

We demand that Canada condemn the Fisheries Dept idea of wiping out the Sable Island seals, or any other seals, and once and for all admit that over-harvesting was the real culprit of the collapse of the cod fishery.

If Canada tries to go ahead with such an outrage, Canadian Citizens and International observers will work together to make sure the world knows Canada has gone insane.

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