Merdian Energy
New Zealand

Meridian Energy is in the planning stages of putting a windfarm on the Nga Waka a Kupe Range, 8km from the Martinborough Town Centre.

The proposed development will see 45 wind turbines situated on the hills above Martinborough. The wind turbines will be 140m tall, approximately the same height as a 40 storey building, or twice as high as the Auckland harbour bridge. The blade spans are bigger than the Westpac stadium (or the wingspan of a 747 jet).

New Zealand's projected increase in demand for electricity over the next 20 years is 40%, or 4,000 megawatts. There are currently 133 electricity projects under construction or in the planning stage, 37 of which are windfarms. These are projected to increase output over the next 20 years by 17,000 megawatts – a 13,000 megawatt overproduction. The Martinborough windfarm is expected to contribute only 150 mega watts. In short, the proposed Martinborough windfarm is not a necessary project.

We are not opposed to windfarms but believe there are less intrusive and more effective places they can be sited. Martinborough is a place where people go to unwind and relax; the visual and noise pollution created by the windfarm will detract from this experience.

Please help by lending your voice to this cause and creating a united voice opposing the windfarm.

We, the undersigned, call on Meridian Energy to NOT build a windfarm on Windy Peak near the Nga Waka a Kupe Range (Three Canoes) approximately eight km from Martinborough's town square.

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