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My motives are to protect Moira residents and future Moira residents, as well make the wider public aware of the dangers of building on old mining land. Planning Applicaion 13-00183-F.U.L.M Measham Rd Moira needs to be made safe before building - on the site (which was previously part of Donisthorpe Colliery).

There is a plan to build 80 homes. The planned house foundations will be on / resting on shallow coal seams that are prone to spontaneous combustion caused by being disturbed and allowing access of air.

When this happens, deadly gas - carbon monoxide - Just like the gas that comes from a faulty gas boiler! The only way to make it safe, is total extraction of coal seams. Coal Authority (Statutory Body) recommended extraction of the coal twice, this however was not endorsed by the local planning authority and due to the high risk of the site, this surely does not make sense?

My concerns have been shared with local planning committees as well as the planners, on several occasions my concerns were took on board, however, the application has been pushed through on many occasions, and my warnings have been dismissed!

I am an 80 year old man! I do this for the residents of Moira, future residents of Moira, and also to warn neighbouring counties, and counties further afield of the dangers of building on ex coal mining land. One of these such shafts exposing itself after the planned houses are built and people / families are living in them will blight the estate and all the houses built around it. Blight = drastic de-evaluation of property. Google - property blight caused by shafts - Stoke on Trent and Bristol and Hansarb (MPs). All this could just be avoided by extracting the shallow coal seams.

We the undersigned, call on Leicestershire Planning Committee to put a stop to the works on site: 13-00183-F.U.L.M Measham Rd Moira, until the appropriate safety measures have been adopted - including the removal of shallow coal seams.

The undersigned also call for this practice to be made nationwide, where the same building dangers lie.

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