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Metro Council of Louisville & Jefferson County
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Methane gas plants DO NOT belong in our communities. And, there's this fast-moving solid waste plan that lacks transparency and accountability and does NOTHING to serve our community. Louisville has an excellent recycling rate (52%). Yes, we can do better, but not at the expense of our quality of life.

The methane gas plant bill has already been approved by the Metro Council. Now, if the Solid Waste Plan is approved by the Solid Waste Board (109 Board), then Metro Louisville will be providing the raw materials necessary to fuel the methane gas plants that will be coming soon.

At what cost? Higher garbage collection rates, reduced to 2x monthly collections (currently once per week), mandatory recycling, lost jobs, and a higher landfill tax that will be passed on to the residents, to name a few.

Let's Focus, Louisville on improving public safety, health, and economy.

We, the people of Louisville & Jefferson County, call on the Louisville Metro Council to STOP the current solid waste plan, which generates the waste for the methane gas plants.

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