#Human Rights
Immediate stop to the massacre of the muslims residing in Burma

Asalam u alaikum

With each passing day we hear of yet more murder and mayhem upon our muslim brothers and sisters the Rohingya in Burma/Myanmar. Though media coverage is slim at best, one thing is very clear: it has to STOP and the international community has to insist peace be brought back to a tone of mutual respect and safety for all Rohingya and their civil rights as citizens of Burma/Myanmar be re-established.

for insight into their state to date and what little history is available please go to the links below.Whatever the truth of their origin might be, ultimately what counts is that EVERY person has the right to be safe, to have a home and a future for his and her children based on acknowledged existence as a people with an identity and life of their own.


With YOUR signature you show that you care, that you are an active part of our planet and that you are engaged in an act of saying NO to the murder of innocents and their revoked right to reside in safety as citizens of Burma/Myanmar. The blessed month of Ramadan is approaching fast.

Let us be part of this time for our brothers and sisters in Islam as well as for ourselves. May blessings be upon us all and our prayers reach.


For the personal attention of
Their Excellencies H.E U Saw Hla Min
Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary
and Daw Nwe Nwe Yee, Minister Councillor

It has come to our shocked attention that hundreds and possibly thousands of muslims in Burma/Myanmar are being rounded up, expelled from their homes and killed in the wake of an issue going back 6 years in connection with the rape of a buddhist nun.

We, the petitioners, insist this be stopped immediately and an independent international team of investigators and mediators be allowed to enter the country, stability and safety for all concerned be established and the media permitted to report on what is becoming a humanitarian nightmare on all levels of ethics and civil conduct. All concerned parties involved in this act are to be brought to trial according to international law and a peaceful and permanent solution be found for the Rohingya people living in Burma/Myanmar since generations.

We, the undersigned, must insist this be taken seriously and seen as a united voice speaking for the basic rights of every human being to live in safety and respect.

Respectfully yours

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