#Animal Rights
Marion County Shelter South Carolina, USA
United States of America

We have a CRISIS situation at the Marion County Shelter (SOUTH CAROLINA) - We have been informed that as many as ONE HUNDRED pups may be killed MONDAY MORNING! ALL of the pups in this album are URGENT and are scheduled to be killed or likely will die.

Flooded with chihuahuas and exotic animals from a hoarding case, they plan to make room by killing off 100 dogs!

We, the undersigned, call on City Council, South Carolina officials and City of Marion. Mayor: Rodney Berry, to cease all killings and euthanasia of animals at their shelter in Marion County Shelter.

We understand you plan to kill 100 dogs on Monday, February 28, 2011 and we petition you to stop this erroneous act of murder! We believe that you have not exhausted all options of adopting out your animals.

There are rescues in other states who are trying to help you home these dogs. Stop this act now! Work with local rescues to aid in transporting these dogs out of your shelter!

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