#Animal Rights
Australian Prime Minister, Rudd

The Australian government currently allows the live exporting of sheep and cattle by ship to the Middle Eastern regions where there are no laws in place to protect them from acts of cruelty. These animals are loaded into cramped unhygienic conditions aboard ships for several weeks at a time.

If they survive the tortures sea journey to the Middle East they are then subjected to more stress and unthinkable acts of cruelty upon their landing before finally meeting their fate, slaughtered alive by having their throats slit, not stunned.

I am ashamed to call myself an Australian while our government continues to allow the exporting of live animals for slaughter.


Dear Prime Minister Rudd

After witnessing evidence gathered from a recent investigation in the Middle East, I am appalled that the export of live animals has been permitted to continue.

A West Australian magistrate has recently found animal cruelty charges brought against Emanuel Exports Pty Ltd for a routine shipment of sheep to the Middle East to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. However, she was forced to acquit the exporters due to an export permit having been granted by the Commonwealth government.

You have expressed your personal opposition to animal cruelty. If your government grants further export permits to the Middle East it will be approving a trade that a magistrate has legally determined to be cruel, and which breaches state animal welfare laws.

We are relying on you, our leader, to send a clear message to those profiting from animal cruelty. Whilst we send animals to the Middle East we reinforce local beliefs that their treatment of animals is acceptable. This nation cannot claim to oppose animal cruelty whilst we knowingly supply animals to such a cruel fate. I don't want our country to be exposed as a world leader in a cruel and immoral trade.

The ALP was elected based upon a platform of moral conscience. You have already brought Australia a long way towards restoring our reputation as a compassionate and ethical nation. You have acted admirably as our new leader, righting injustices that previous leaders were unwilling to confront.

I urge you now to oppose yet another injustice animal cruelty and to end Australia's indefensible live export trade. Such a move will send a clear message to the Middle East and the rest of the world that Australia will not support animal cruelty.


The undersigned petitioners

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