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Nick Jr., PBS, and Whover Owns These Channels

Little kids networks have beenputting many bad people on their shows, as everyone knows, there is a rumor of Steve Burns, former host of Blue's Clue's having a drug problem. Other very beieveable interviews suggest that the man who played Barney was hiding heavy drugs up his tail. The creators of Tellitubies were long under the ifluence of drugs, and the more recent not as popular kids show, Boobah, was even described by Entertainment Weekly as 'Pshycedelic', and 'On Acid'.

Young children look up to the stars of their favorite shows, and I would like to stop people like these people from being able to appear and/or create shows for younger kids.

We, the undersigned, would like all little kids networks to stop airing shows that have characters, or creators under the influence of drugs.

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