#Neighborhood Living
Tauranga City Council-Ministry of Health
New Zealand

A critcal response to living next door to drug dealers. Accountability for selling drugs (psychoactive substances) at home in Tauranga:

1. Ministry of Health for granting permission to residents to sell legal highs without proper due process and consideration for the immediate and wider community.

2. Local Council The B.O.P times produced an article on Friday 7th of February 2014 on local residents selling legal highs, but no action (sit and wait) was taken by Tauranga mayor Stuart Crosby after saying he had just added his name to a petition being circulated among the country's mayors, organized by Grey District Council mayor Tony Kokshoorn, in favor of a total ban on synthetic drug.

3. Tauranga rate payers The Tauranga community appears to have an apathetic view on the article published on Friday 7th of February 2014.Allowing the sale of legal highs in residential areas without protestation. In stark contrast to the Te Puke community who protested outside the only store selling legal high in their community.

4. Media BOP times Reporter Amy McGillivray wrote a benevolent appraisal of the sale of legal highs in our community, B.O.P Times article Friday 7th of February 2014.

5. Police There is no response from police because Amy McGillivary did not think to ask for their contribution for her article Friday 7th of February 2014.

We must protect our communities at all costs and keep the invasive nature of psychoactive substances out of reach.

Questions to ponder?
1. How would you like to have people arriving outside you residence day and night,
wanting to get high?
2. How safe would you and your family feel with the knowledge of strangers trolling
your street?
3. Is it only in the less advantaged areas of the communities where government/councils allow the proliferation of liquor stores and the spread of synthetic drugs?

We sign as residents or supporters who would consider it an abomination to have legal highs available for sale in our neighbourhoods.

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