European Parliament, Governments of the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Curaçao
Netherlands Antilles

Curaçao’s refinery, Refineria Isla (Curaçao) BV, is the largest polluter of the Netherlands, the largest single polluter in Curaçao and probably the largest polluter in the European Community (EC).

The Netherlands and Curaçao governments turn a blind eye to the plea of 25,000 locals, who live under the worst circumstances, all this just to please PDVSA, Venezuela’s state refinery that operates this outdated oil factory. (1915).

They have a binding contract with the Curaçao government till 2019 unfortunately. This is the reason why MSi asks not to extend the contract beyond this date and to close the refinery at the end of the present contract period. Please take this decision NOW! This year! Don’t wait any longer. Not extending the contract and guaranteeing the closing in 2019 is a clear sign to developers. It will reduce our double digit unemployment immediately.

Meanwhile instruct and order PDVSA to operate according to our environmental laws. Check control and start measuring the emissions of CO2 output and if PDVSA can’t operate clean, levy heavy fines and close them down till they have cleaned up their act.

If PDVSA threatens to leave, let them leave. The waterfront property can be used for better and cleaner industry, generate 25 times more income than PDVSA is paying us now.

Curaçao receives no major benefits from the refinery. Get no riches. The population doesn’t even get quality products. PDVSA supplies the worst diesel. PDVSA pays a pittance in rent. (About 3.4 dollar cent/square feet/month).

The refinery once employed over 12,000 workers. Today less than thousand people find work in the refinery. Another 600 are employed by supply companies and contractors.

Pollution is deadly. A game only a few powerful people and handful corrupt officials play to fill their pockets. It benefits them, it benefits PDVSA, it benefits Venezuela, while our people in Curaçao starve and have to live with all kind of pollution related illnesses.

18 people die prematurely every year! 25,000 people live under the worst circumstances. High ranked Curaçao politicians are employed and paid by PDVSA.

Please give serious attention to the failure of our national refinery and our own government to comply with our environmental laws. Our government also fails to regulate and control the refinery. Refineria Isla has been demanded in court three times to clean up their act, but pollution continues to foul the air and threatens the health of neighborhoods west of the refinery. This has been going on for more than 20 years.

Fence communities like Habaai, Wishi, Marchena, Veeris and Buena Vista are home to many of our most neglected people. Our largest nursing home for the elderly is situated right under the smoke of the refinery. 6000 school children and teachers go to school under polluted smoke and gasses and have to endure foul smells to attend classes. Only when black clouds shoot excessive soot in the air, are these schools ordered to close.

People take great pride in the humble little homes they have built over the years with hard earned money. They can’t move. Children can’t go to other schools and the elderly have no choice. They are trapped and don't even know it. Nobody told them.

It is these communities that ask that the refining industry stop polluting the air immediately and stop releasing deadly gasses into the air. They ask YOUR help. PLEASE listen to them and act, even if it is far away from your home.

MSi (Fundashon Movementu Solushon Isla)

We, the undersigned, call on the European Parliament, the government of the Netherlands, the government of the Netherlands Antilles, the government of the island of Curaçao, PDVSA, Venezuela's state refinery and Venezuela's president, to stop the largest polluter in the Kingdom of the Netherlands from polluting the environment way beyond any humanely acceptable level, to prevent the estimated average annual premature deaths of 18 people on the island of Curaçao and to hand back the 440 HA prime territory to the people of Curaçao, for the benefit of the local population, where 10,000 homes can be built, 10,000 permanent jobs can be created and government income can potentially increase to well over half a billion guilders annually.

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