Patrons and community of Jenro's Diner
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We, the undersigned, call on the community to propose to the landlord, North American Development Group, to not fine Jenro's Diner for the shopping centers security expenses.

There are many businesses that share the parking lot with the diner. Targeting the diner and its customers is unfair and discriminating. Taking pride in your vehicle and choosing to religiously eat at the same place or same time on a routine should not be considered a crime.

Billing one tenant out of a shopping center with over 15 businesses for what happens in the landlords parking lot is not fair. $6500.00 broken down to @ $1066 a month for six months on top of Jenro's Diner rent is impossible. The diner already has Trash service incorporated in its lease terms and it does not state nor did the landlord inform the tenant, Mike about having to pay for any security for the shopping center parking lot (look at the document/s I post).

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