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America—it's time you know about "biosolids" and the harm they are imposing on our Nation. And it’s time our U.S. Congress acts.

What are biosolids? Biosolids are sewage sludge disguised by a clever name, being disposed as “agricultural fertilizer” on farmland across our Nation as allowed by U.S. federal rule.

Driven by a quest to understand what was harming my family, six years of verifiable primary research has compelled me to share my findings and take action to change how our Nation disposes of sewage sludge. It’s not just my family and not just my community being harmed—biosolids happen everywhere.

Biosolids are in fact a dangerous slurry of toxic chemicals and viable pathogens from processed municipal, residential, institutional, and industrial sewage being disposed on America’s farmland—and has been for decades. From croplands to beef and dairy pastures, landfills to garden compost, biosolids are polluting America.

The harm doesn’t end with polluted soils, groundwater, wildlife, and food supply. Our testing and research reveal that biosolids become airborne and enter our lives and lungs through gases, dusts, winds, and the natural cycle of water resulting in illness, contamination, and loss of fundamental freedoms for countless Americans like my family.

How is it even possible that Our Nation does this? Municipal sewage has been discarded on soils and in natural waters since modern municipal sewer systems were built. When ocean-dumping of sewage was banned in 1988, federal agencies were tasked with crafting guidelines to regulate, yet STILL promote, the existing practice of land-disposing sewage. The result? The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations—40 CFR Part 503—the “503 Rule”. Responsible for permitting and promoting the mass distribution of sewage sludge onto America’s farmland and into our lives—the 503 Rule must end. We are on a mission to do so. But it will take all of us—uniting on common ground and solid facts—to change a federal rule.

Mission503 is prepared to lead the way towards new national solutions. However, we must first let our United States Congress know this is a problem worth solving, and WE THE PEOPLE want land application of biosolids stopped.

Please start by signing our petition today and getting 3 others to sign. Then return to www.Mission503.org to get more informed and more involved.
Together, we can do this. Thank you!

Paula B. Yockel
Founder, Mission503

WE, the undersigned AMERICAN PEOPLE, call on the United States Congress to end the practice of land-applying biosolids (sewage sludge) as currently allowed by 40 CFR Part 503.

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