#Animal Rights
onvince the government from many solutions for stray dogs instead of killing them

"Dogs are slaughtered for their meat!" The house in Red Bor, where the Korean Vlasov Rosa resident, looks like an abandoned iron shed. Instead of windows on the sides there are openings on the ground floor. The fence is a molligge dog show, according to neighbors as Rosa the dog much progress.

A few years ago, the residents of the area noticed that dogs began to disappear. The faithful pet dogs that never ran away from home and even the most aggressive dogs began to be affectionate to strangers who carried with pieces of flesh, these dogs disappeared after a while. Then by the inhabitants of the gruesome discovery, she finally knew where the dogs stayed. Local residents often see male dogs in the house of Rosa drag. Usually, these shepherds, Newfoundlands and Great Danes.

It is even possible when you love your loyal family dog ​​afwilt, upon payment to cede to Rosa. It does not matter where it comes from the dog, even a purebred dog that they themselves can get a lot of money. The dogs Rosa holds manure they all fat and then be processed into meat. It sells the meat in its own restaurant, but she also sells the meat to restaurants in China, Germany and Korea. Rosa personally think that they are not wrong, its motto is: "People give me a dog and I make sure the dog will return to the people." Nearby hang on every wall many flyers are missing this dog owners, they even offer large sums to those who bring home the dog or can give a tip about the whereabouts.

Rosa not want the dogs returned to owners, unless they bid more for the dog than they would get to the meat. Eyewitnesses were the following report: In her workshop hanging hooks, to which the dogs hung together after they are kicked. These hooks, they are stripped of their skin, this living because the skin more easily released. Among all the hooks are pots, in order that the blood of the dog runs to catch. Outdoor sheds are all there, so every other building built around nothing that is seen from the outside of the horror that is happening there every day, from pilots who heard plaintive cries of the dogs awaiting their fate. Everywhere on the ground pools of blood covered with fungi.

The unnecessary parts of the dogs (tail head and ears) are behind the building in the swamp dumped here is a terrible stench, the air is intolerable! A worker took a cab back to the witnesses and pulled out a thin gray sheepdog. The dog was inside apparently tightly bound and an employee took the dog loose. The dog was so happy to see these people, he broke away and tried to find love among the witnesses. His eyes were begging for his freedom, but he was back in the cab. At the wounds in his neck and his legs can clearly see that the dog is tied up and futile attempts to escape.

The witnesses could not leave without the dog rescue, but the employee could not sell the dog without the permission of Rosa, but to the town with her granddaughter (her successor?) He could tell them that when they decided the dog This sell between 100 and 300 rubles must deliver. That is between € 2.55 and € 7.60. The residents are afraid to testify against Rosa just told people how to prepare the dogs, but nobody dares do anything. Dog meat is sold for 400 to 450 rubles per kilogram, € 10.15 to € 11.40.

help us to convince the government in Russia to persuade animals to pass a law to be applied in the legal system. Let the killing of street dogs stop letting the government know that there are other solutions, such as sterilisation programs organize to stabilize the population, and people like Rosa to get punishment for the murders she committed, including its staff.

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