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Just because a beehive is build in your property does not means that you have the right to kill the entire bee colony! Please make deliberately killing of bees as a serious crime and can be prosecuted.

In Singapore, millions of bees are being killed by the use of chemicals through pest controllers every year. Such occurrences may be by government agencies or residents who discover a live beehive at home and involves the spraying of toxic chemicals to the colony of bees to quickly kill them. This method of killing is effective in destroying the entire colony. However, it leaves a hazardous amount of chemical residue in the environment.

We empathize with the fear of getting stung by the bees, however, there is a far better way to manage our native bee populations, which is relocation.

It is easy to spray and kill but the implication of losing these bees is great! The world is now starting to see the impact globally. The impact such as reduction of agricultural productivity and price increases on food. The bee population is declining globally and many countries are working hard to conserve these honey bees.

France, for example, has passed legislation on a total ban of neonicotinoids, and the EU has just passed a similar ban across Europe on pesticides that harm bees. Singapore must do the same as a responsible global citizen and environmental leader.

Government agencies can lead by example to reduce the use of chemical pesticides on native bee colonies.

We urge the government agency to work with businesses, organisations, and volunteers to reach a better solution in resolving complaints regarding bees.

If the beehive is found in a reasonably "unsafe" area, a beekeeper should be called in to relocate the entire bee colony. The authorities can also provide areas for beekeepers to manage and keep the relocated beehives so that the local bee population can be better managed. This will also minimise splitting of colonies so that the survivors do not make a new hive in an undesirable location.

We urge the Government of Singapore to pass a Bill on making the use of chemical pesticides and mechanical destruction of colonies of bees, where deliberate and without due diligence and coordination with local beekeepers, illegal.

Please help to save our Singapore bees so that our future generations can continue to live in a sustainable and beautiful environment.

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