#Animal Welfare
Government Officials
United States of America

Each year an estimated 3 to 4 million animals are killed yearly in shelters. 9 out of 10 puppies sold in the U.S. come from puppy mills. “Animal rights advocates are useless to animals,” an opposition committee declared. “They can’t prevent animal abuse because they only get involved after it has been perpetrated.”

That statement could not be more wrong. If abusers were held accountable for their actions, people would be more fearful of committing the act in the first place. Isn't that the reason we have laws and punishment? To deter.

I support a bill to prohibit all breeding of dogs and or cats until the overpopulation issue is under control. I support that pet stores will no longer be able to sell animals, just animal supplies.

I understand that with this law in place it will ensure that a huge number of animals who would otherwise be killed, will now be placed in a loving home.

I understand supporting this law will decrease the number of intake animals. Cutting the cost to shelters, reducing euthanasia, and putting puppy mills out of business..what could be wrong with trying? Also all pet owners would be given a time limit in which to have their pet spay or neutered. Discount services are available.

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