#Animal Welfare
Swiss Federal Authorities

Killing feral cats is not only cruel but also useless. Other cats will take the place. Cats are useful animals, regulating the mouse population etc.

Too little is said about cats being beneficial to human health, in particular regulating blood pressure and heart problems in general.

Feral cats can become friendly with people and end up becoming house cats. Why do we have feral cats? Because of irresponsible humans, abandoning them!

Stop killing feral cats. It is useless. The only way to regulate the cat population is neutering. Some cats have been shot 200 m from a house.

It is impossible to say, if such a cat has an electronic chip and belongs to somebody or if it is a feral cat.

Many refuges in Switzerland promote neutering. The law has to be changed. At present the Swiss law allows to kill a feral cat.

Please help us to put pressure on the Swiss government to stop killing feral cats by signing this petition.

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