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South Korean newspapers and government
South Korea

Despite many south Koreans loving animals and hating the barbarism which is taking place they need support from the western World. Dogs are actually farmed and the IDA show photos of them awaiting their death in slaughter houses - naturally terrified. They are butchered alive.

Dogs and cats, usually strays, are rounded up onto lorries and taken to places such as the infamous MORAN MARKET. They are thrown off the lorries and kept in cages, often with broken limbs, toi wait for days without food or water, alone and terrified, to be buthcered alive for anyone who wants to buy them. TV in South America was shocked to see images of a labrador being beaten to death with a hammer - this is normal in South Korea.

Yet South Korea has a good economy and plenty of food, it is given place in all world sporting events and all world trade yet commits such savage atrocities. This is totally unnacceptable. It has nothing to do with ancient tradition as they are a part of the western world now so should not offend it by their barbarism. There is no need to eat dogs or cats (often boiled alive and held down with sticks).

It brings shame on South Korea and must now be ended, Please sign this petition and also publish it tell everyone about these atrocities everywhere you can. Bless you for this, from all the dogs and cats are suffering in such terrible ways.

We ask the government of South Korea to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat, declassifying them as livestock, to close ALL dog farms including HONG SUNG, MASUK, and YONGIN. Ban the sale of dogs and cats at the MORAN MARKET.

Prosecute anyone killing dogs or cats, introduce laws protecting dogs and cats and support existing animal aid groups.

The current barbarism to dogs and cats brings shame on South Korea and is unacceptable for a country which is part of world trade and world sporting events.

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The STOP KILLING DOGS AND CATS IN SOUTH KOREA petition to South Korean newspapers and government was written by Suzanne Thorpe and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.