#Animal Welfare
City Council of Coquitlam

More than 1,000 bears are killed every year in British Columbia because of bear-human conflicts. Almost all of these bears were attracted into neighbourhoods by improperly stored garbage and other attractants.

Sources: http://www.coquitlam.ca/Residents/Public+Safety/Bear+Aware+Coquitlam.htm

People who live in Coquitlam know about the killings of more than 4 bears last year, including a family of 2 cubs and one mother. More housing is required due to the added population of citizens, so unfortunately we have to support deforestation and kill habitats for bears, thus increasing the risk of them coming to the homes of others and harming people.

If we are more notified about these subjects, people will be less harmed and the bear population will not lessen.

We, the undersigned, support government funded education about bears in our neighbourhood so that bears cannot be a threat and be killed at random.

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