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S.T.O.P Juvenile Crime in Cairns

Juvenile Crime in Cairns is escalating rapidly as the offenders are young and the courts don't have the power to deal with Juvenile Crime effectively or consistently. Our communities need protection from these offenders by the law that provides for stronger penalties - including but not limited to Juvenile detention/ armed forces boot camps, compulsory parenting classes for all offenders, compulsory community service for parents / offenders, and where children are beyond their parents control additional measures including but not limited to removing at risk children into care. Theses measures will protect the community more from Juvenile Crime than existing legislation and Government also need to put funded provisions in place for at risk children so they don't turn to crime. Project Booyah a successful program of helping as risk children into education and jobs and needs to be rolled out and centrally funded in Queensland and other states so Juveniles can learn to contribute to their community rather than continue the destructive path of Juvenile Crime in their communities. Thanks for your support


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