#Law Reform
Anderson Cooper
United States of America

Not even 72 hours after one of THE worst jury decisions in the world, Juror # 37 was confident (and I use that word lightly) to come on Anderson Cooper 360 and tell her warped, delusional, version of what happened and WHY they let a murderer walk free.

Now, I understand that this "woman" also has intention on writing a book. I think that enough unjust behavior has been demonstrated from this whole debacle. For ANYBODY especially a juror to make a profit from this should be illegal! Enough is enough!

She should not be allowed to profit from this and write any books or be paid for any interviews. This has to stop!

We, the undersigned, call on WHOEVER has the authority to eliminate the writing, publishing, sale and profits of any books, magazine articles, movies, television specials etc. from "Juror 37" or any of her peers.

The injustice does NOT need to be explained and spelled out.

It should be deemed UNLAWFUL for ANY jury members or publishing companies to write or publish any books etc. and profit from them.

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