#Animal Welfare
The Japanese Government
New Zealand

The Japanese Government and the pacifist people it represents are on a collision course with Australasia over whaling.

It is bad enough that they continue to slaughter the relatively small minke whales on spurious research grounds. Or that they kill highly intelligent dolphins, or that they continue to blindly overfish migratory tuna to the extent these mighty fish will one day be gone. Now they are proposing to kill fin whales and the mysterious and gentle humpbacks, both species that are still threatened.

Hunted to the brink, humpbacks have been protected since 1986 when commercial whaling was banned. Now Japan is embarking on the biggest cull since that time, sheltering behind a deceitful "scientific research" programme. After killing tens of thousands of whales over the past two decades, despite ever increasing protests, the only question that remains unanswered is how many more will be harpooned before Japan drops the pretence and admits it is once again a commercial whaler.

Japan must be left in no doubt their actions in the southern ocean are deeply offensive and must be resisted on every possible front.

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We the undersigned readers of The Dominion Post strongly object to the slaughter of whales in the name of "research" and urge the Japanese Government to abandon its abhorrent whaling programme.

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