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Did you know that when you file a claim with your insurance company you have the right to take your car to any auto body shop you choose?

Many consumers are not aware of their rights and are steered by the insurance companies to the shop of the insurance company’s choosing. Consumers are often left with poorly completed repairs and aftermarket parts when they are directed to use a shop selected by the insurance company.

Even worse, insurance companies habitually tell consumers that if they take their car to their regular repair shop, they will face delays in the repair, the full value of the repair may not be covered, and the work will not be guaranteed.

This practice is wrong and misleading to consumers. Tell your legislators you want SB 288 passed! This bill will prohibit insurance companies from using unfair practices to mislead consumers about their rights, and it will require them to inform consumers when they have contracts in place to send hundreds of thousands of dollars in business to their selected auto body shops in exchange for below average repair costs and below average work.

It’s Your Car – It’s Your Choice! Sign this petition to tell legislators you want your rights protected.

We, the undersigned, call on our state legislators of the Connecticut General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 288 – An Act Concerning An Insured’s Right To Choose A Motor Vehicle Repairer.

Help send a clear message to legislators that we will not tolerate the Insurance Companies' deceptive practices to mislead consumers about their rights.

Tell your legislators to support Senate Bill 288 or any strong anti-steering measure.

House Democrats: 1-860-240-8585
Senate Democrats: 1-860-240-8600

House Republicans: 1-860-240-8700
Senate Republicans: 1-860-240-8800

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