#Students' Rights
European Union Court, MP's in the UK,
United Kingdom

Since the inception of the coalition government,it has become so obvious that foreign students in private colleges have been an object of attack on immigration control issue.

There is no iota of fairness in Theresa May's decision of withdrawing students rights from working part-time and full-time during term time and holiday period.
The implication of this government action is to deprive students from private colleges from acquiring the necessary skill required by their future employers after the completion of their studies in the UK.

The effect of these changes may include rise in rate of crimes that the government will have to combat with its cost implication.

This government has shown the height of inertness in dealing with issue concerning migrants outside the European Union and it is a shame that Theresa May lacks strategy in solving issues.

If the government had failed in controlling influx of illegal migrants into the country in the past years, foreign students are not to suffer their inefficiencies.

We the students in private colleges demand that the Home Office Secretary and the Coalition Government should reverse their decision to withdraw students right to work.

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