#Human Rights
Ontario Government

An increasing number of victims are reporting adverse
health effects from exposure to industrial wind projects.

Many families have abandoned their homes to restore
or protect their health. Wind turbine noise, including low frequency noise, may cause annoyance, stress and sleep disturbance. Currently there is no authoritative international guideline for wind turbine noise designed to protect the health of children or the general population.

Research the impact of Industrial Turbines on communities;

Bird Population
Destruction of Oak Ridges Moraine
Loss of Property Values
Economic Impact
Hydro Rate Increases

Our tax dollars will be subsidizing these Industrial Turbines costing Ontario residents BILLIONS.

We, the undersigned, call on the Ontario Liberal Government to have a 2.5 km setback of Industrial Wind Turbines from homes and schools and Independent third party health studies completed before the approval of any more industrial wind turbine projects.

We want to ensure the residents of the City of Kawartha Lakes and our Oak Ridges Moraine are safe.

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