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Pollution and human induced hazards are particularly serious in the developing countries because industrial production is heavily concentrated in one or two city regions or 'core regions' within each nation.

The industrial areas in Bangladesh are situated in the midst of densely populated regions. There are many hazardous and potentially dangerous polluting industries situated in the cities of Bangladesh. In Dhaka at Tejgaon area, food processing industries are situated along the chemical and heavy metal processing industries.

In Tongi a pharmaceutical industry is situated near a pesticides producing industry. Tannery industries of Hazaribagh are also situated in a heavily populated residential area. The offending industries are located in the Savar Export Processing Zone, ironically, the most high-profile industrial area. These examples are repeated in the cities of Chittagong, Khulna and other small cities of Bangladesh.

The Government of Bangladesh has not shown much interest in environmental impact created by the industries, whereas government's concern to create jobs usually meant that when a new factory is proposed - by local, national or international business or agency - little attention is given to the likely environmental impacts.

There are many disasters which have an impact which goes far beyond a particular house or neighbourhood, as a result of industrial or other accidents. Bhopal shows an example, when an industrial accident in 1984 released methyl iso-cyanate, caused the death over 3000 with perhaps 100,000 or more seriously injured or poisoned.

The situation like Bhopal threatens many places in Bangladesh.

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