Indiana senaters and legistrators
United States of America

Supporting rights to love and have happiness, rights our founding fathers gave us, i wanted to show the people who makes our laws that it isn't fair that they wanna take away our rights as a person and how would they feel if some one said no you can't marry this person cause your gay or lesbian or bi-sexual or some other oritation.

Let me ask you this: why should marijunana be legal and gay marriage can not?, why can't people have their rights to love?, why should their love affect you when its nothing to do with you.

I am starting this petition for the rights of gay marriage in the state of Indiana, i believe that people in the state have the right to marry the person they love!

I ask that the senators and legislators refrain from banning love and rights to marry some one who is not just a man and women, also banning teens from marrying some one they love, please don't take away our rights as a human or constitutional rights our founding fathers set up.

So please let gay people marry and be happy.

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