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My family does not subcribe to movies, public shows, or commericals that involve sexual oriented behavior. We started watching the ABC Family Channel, and the past few nights while we were watching the Christmas movies being aired--some of the commericals have been very distasteful. Once being the commercial about the new toning shoes by Reebox, all they showed was the women's butt's.

Another one is the trailers on this new movie called Burlesque, with all the women dressed very sexy and dancing around on stage. I am sure there are plenty more but what does this say to our children?? They are at a very influential age and I know I do not want my kids to think that they can use their bodies to get what they want in life. And all these commercials suggest using sex to sell products.

The main thing here with ABC FAMILY is this is suppose to be a family oriented channel--a channel dedicated to family type lifestyles, a channel that you know you can leave on all day and know that when your kids are watching it they are not going to see things of this nature mentioned above.

I just would like that ABC Family Channel keep all their content clean--the movies, the movie trailers, and the commercials. If not then why call it ABC Family Channel??

They have other channels that they could air this not so appropriate stuff on verses airing it on the ABC Family Channel. I am sure that ABC FAMILY CHANNEL is not the only ones doing this kind of behavior but if they can't keep it clean stop calling it ABC FAMILY, because its misleading to family oriented families!!

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