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Executive orders, which are unilateral movements to enact legislation, are a violation of both the constitution and the framers' intent. Article 1 Section 1 of the United States constitution unequivocally states that, "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States." Yet the executive branch has chosen to circumvent Congress and bypass the people's wishes in the legislative process.

These acts are a heinous perversion of the founding fathers' wish to establish a separation of powers where Congress would be in charge of enacting laws and would be the most powerful branch in our government.

What recent presidencies have done is effectively usurp the power of Congress and ignore the principles established by the constitution, thus harming our government and more importantly the people it is supposed to serve.

We, the undersigned, call on both chambers of the United States congress to work on legislation that would curb presidential and executive overreach by regulating and limiting executive orders.

Coherent legislation preventing one branch from being omnipotent will protect the wishes and needs of every American as well as protect our governmental system and uphold the United States constitution.

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