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Although there are ample laws on the books to curb illegal immigration and limit legal immigration to historical levels, the Administration has failed in its duty to American citizens by refusing to enforce the law effectively. The Administration and many members of Congress give lip service to border security but deny police, ICE, and the border patrol the tools needed to achieve that goal.

In 1968, amnesty was granted to about 1.3 million illegal aliens. Now that number has grown to 12-20 million. That represents a compound rate of growth of around 10% per year. If that rate of growth continues, by mid-century there will be more than 500 million, assuming none are granted a pathway to citizenship. Do the math: 12 million x 1.10^40 years = 543 million illegal aliens. Although population projections show a lower number for all ciitzens -- about 485 million by mid-century, the growth in illegal aliens must have been discounted. The calculation above is correct. Nevertheless, it is clear why Congress wants another amnesty. They want to sweep the problem under the carpet and start counting all over again from zero for the next amnesty.

Population-driven economic growth is ultimately unsustainable and will begin to impact the quality of life and our standard of living.

We, the undersigned, call on the Congress to secure our borders through improvements in staffing, infrastructure, and the rules of engagement at the border and by denying amnesty and jobs to illegal aliens through vigorous and continuous internal enforcement using mandatory E-verify across the board.

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