Information Communication and Technologies Authority (ICTA )

Smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, routers WiFi wireless walkie-talkies, marine radio ... So many computer products that can no longer enter the Mauritian territory without the approval of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). In a statement issued Thursday, March 6, the same authority prohibits personal importation of those products, that is to say those purchased abroad.

This initiative aims to ensure that IT products conform to radio frequencies. This is not the case of some smartphones, primarily from China, which does not meet the standards imposed by the European Union and the FCC International.

With the revision of standards electromagnetic and radio frequencies, it is an opportunity to bring order. And this restriction also protects the facilities of mobile operators.

On the other hand, this measure would curb the gray market on the territory of Mauritius, said a source familiar with the matter. Indeed, it is a common practice that people or shop owners procure smartphones in Dubai or Malaysia even before their official releases in Mauritius. These undeclared imports would rise, said a source in the IT sector.

This would relieve the local representatives of brands of these products who felt threatened by the gray market. You should know that the ICTA issues a certificate of authenticity to these local representatives of manufacturers of electronic products. Each model smartphone or tablet been test with the organization. No officer or spokesperson was contacted for clarification on this measure.

We, the undersigned, call on the ICTA and the government to eliminate this restriction of online acquisition of electronic devices.

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