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We were all born with rights and freedom which we are entitled to; this is the basic definition for Human Rights. The concept falls under basic privileges and entitlements endowed to every human being simply for being one, which is why Human rights was conceived as a universal protector of the rights of man, if not by justified moral norms or natural rights, then by legal rights on a national or international level.

Bahrain has witnessed a new kind of exploitation to Human Rights, one that should be uncovered to point out the many violations the protestors of my beloved country have breached. Amongst the universally known human right infringement by the violent protestors in Bahrain will be presented below.

However, before human rights law can be effective, there is a national safety law that is even more important to implement then that of Human Rights which is:
10. 2 Human Rights in Times of Emergency – United Nations
The enjoyment of some human rights may be restricted during times of war or public emergency. The international instruments on human rights define a state of emergency as a “..public emergency which threatens the life of a nation.”

Source: UN Times of Emergency Law

Thus, it is without a doubt that the United Nations recognizes that human rights can be limited or even pushed aside during times of national emergency as it is a legal matter of basic human rights vs. national security, giving the upper hand to national security and in a circumstance known as peremptory norms or jus cogens, making the law revocable based on the binding obligations by the United Nations Character.


Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General, United Nations
- Mr. Barack Obama
President, United States of America
- Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State, United States of America
- Ms. Maria Otero
Under Secretary of State for Democracy & Global Affairs, United States of America
- Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkeow
President, UN Human Rights Council
- Ms. Navanethem Pillay
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
- Ms. Catherine Ashton
High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
- Mr. Jerzy Buzek
President of the European Parliament
- Ms. Heidi Hautala
Chair, EU Parliament Subcommittee for Human Rights
- Mr. Frank R. Wolf & Mr. James P. McGovern
Co-Chairs, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, United States Congress
- Judge Sang-Hyun SONG
President, International Criminal Court
- Mr. James F. Hoge, Jr.
Chairman, Human Rights Watch
- Mr. Salil Shetty
Secretary General, Amnesty International
- Ms. Souhayr Belhassen
President, International Federation for Human Rights

We, the undersigned,

Believe that the movement started by the Bahrain youth on the 14th of February was locally-initiated and driven, and and it was than overriden by extremists who are linked with a foreign agenda to overthrow the existing regime. Its clear tha IRAN as being the main Shiite supporter is directly involved into supporting some of the extremists through their embassy and other relligious figures in the Kindom. Which has never seen any violence unless it was from the extremist minority.

Therefore, we ask all the countries of the free world to stop the on-going MEDIA pressure on the Government of Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which are countries that have planned and followed all the standards of People rights and well beings when Iran on the other hand is totally hitting walls with its poeple for the last 30 to 40 years and not one gesture has been noitced by UN or and foreign entity with basic human rights of its citizens.

Based on the aforementioned events, what has started as a political unrest, has quickly descended into a sectarian crisis. Moreover, the pressure of the international community only emboldens the Bahrain violators to be encouraged into using the wrong and illegal means where they were in control of the parliment as a majority and they could have used their pressure in a leagl manner through the right channels.

We demand that there should be no foreign interference of the international community in Bahrain. lets hope that our Kingdom with our wise leadership to hold back the reins and place order back in the country. and insist that with security we can have dialogue and reach to resolution....

Yours truly,

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