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We the tenants of the housing and urban development are tired of being Abused, Neglected and Ignored when it comes to work orders NOT being fixed in a timely manor, going without heat and hot water and having no security or safety in our Buildings or on the property grounds as well as infestation of Rats and Roaches, Management Ignoring complaint's and Harassing tenants in a form of retaliation to your complaint with eviction notices or closing work orders that have been placed without even checking in to the matter or doing the repairs, or passing on the buck from one department to the other department with no results;

Or a management bringing a tenant to court and the Management not having to appear in court having an Attorney appear for them instead when an Attorney dose NOT know the facts of the matter only going on what the management tells them.

As well as the tenants not having any legal representation on their behalf, it is unfair to the tenants.

We the Undersigned call on the Congress to make housing and urban development accountable for their action's in hiring Employees who collect a pay check but do not do their job in a timely manor or properly.

We the undersigned call on Housing and Urban Development to stop wasting the tax payers money as well as to take any and all complaints from the tenants seriously. And to get more involved with housing inspection's and being more involved with the tenants. This is to include any and all Subsidized housing throughout the country.

We the Undersigned are in hopes of change through this Petition and are in hopes of getting up to a limit of 2500 or more by September 15, 2012.

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The Stop Hud Housing from Neglecting/Abusing Tenants petition to STOP ABUSE AND NEGLECT IN HUD HOUSING was written by Karen Jutkiewicz and is in the category Government at GoPetition.