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On Saturday, November 7, 2009, Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a vote in the House for a health care reform bill. Here are a few things you should know:

1) The reported price tag is 1.2 trillion dollars over 10 years, and that's a low figure. If the bill is approved, an additional $250 billion is planned to be added for the "doc fix" (a restoration of proposed cuts in Medicare payments to doctors), bringing the total to $1.45 trillion dollars.

2) Passage of the bill would lead to the creation of about 111 new government bureaucracies.

3) Funding for abortion, and benefits for illegal immigrants, is unclear; Democrats have not been forthcoming on these issues.

4) In September, Nancy Pelosi declared that she was "absolutely" committed to leaving the House bill up online for 72 hours before a vote. The bill is still not complete, and as such is not available, with less than 24 hours to go.

5) The CBO scoring of this bill underestimates its true cost. CBO cost estimates are based on a 10 year window; the bill is constructed to recognize revenues immediately, but defer costs for as many as 4 years after the bill's passage.


We the undersigned, as citizens of the United States, residing in the 8th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, petition you, as our Representative, to oppose H.R. 3962.

We reserve the right to select our own doctors and the health care plan that best suits our own and our family's needs, without government coercion or unsustainable costs.

We support reform that will expand real choices for us, based on free-market principles.

We want you to clearly understand that your responsibility is to your constituents (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) and not to Nancy Pelosi.

We want you to stand with the people who hired you and not with the House Democratic leadership.

We need to remind you that the residents of the 8th Congressional District hired you and, therefore, can FIRE you.

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